Monday, 29 August 2011

It's Summer But Only Just!

My health related anxiety has relaxed as my throat has flexed. I have a throat and tight chest none of which is painful but is annoying and knackering.
Yesterday I took to the sofa and watched most of Runaway Bride with Richard, Julia and Joan.

It all felt a little bit like Autumn, there was a cool breeze outside and I wanted to get my woolens ready!

In the morning we got out in the garden and just started to move a few plants around and have a bit of a chop back I think the Autumn seed was planted then, started thinking about having a bonfire party in such limited space and how much of a firework display we could arrange. Not much says G.
To be honest building a launch pad on the roof might be safer although not for G who would be in charge of lighting the fuses.
In my mind I filtered through my memory of Halloween/Bonfire recipes and carved gourdes and cake stands made from tree trunks and what bowl could I pour a punch into. I pictured our friends in winter scarves and cosy coats and twinkling lights in the trees.
I am so ready for TV version of small town America in the Fall.
Doesn't everyone think like this? I am sure it's half way organised.

So this is what it looked like Sunday morning. All very grey green and purple.

Moving Soil
They finally like each other
Still to make a decision - where to put stuff
Cutting it all back
Getting ready for Grand Prix - Hamilhead! What are you doing?

Today we are off to a country fair that I have wanted to go to for YEARS maybe today is the perfect day to visit

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