Monday, 11 July 2011

T's Leaving Preschool

So we were invited by the preschool to take a look at her work and see the paper work that will follow her on to her next school, something I can follow up with at a later date. I was looking at some photos from around that time and I came across these that brought back nice memories and of course were long before P was ever on the scene.

Such a busy girl and she would take Bear with her everywhere. I used to have to remove the beads after she went to sleep and actually those are only a fraction of what she would put on, take off, put on, take off, put on again and always in the same order, weird.

These are of her first day and of her peg. Look at the state of our front door.

I remember taking these of when we picked her up she was shattered! I think she only did a half day.

Anyway, I am so sorry to see her leave I think that she has had the most wonderful experience and whats more the care and the way she has been treated is deep rooted in her behavior. Apart from the occasional bit of back chat (that did not stem from school I am sure) I couldn't ask for anyone more perfect to share my life.

She is completely oblivious to all of this of course and just sees it as the next stage of growing up. I must be careful not to show too much emotion or let any of my fears or tears infiltrate her mind.

I was expecting to cry my eyes out next Wednesday when she finishes but after our meeting today I felt a lot more positive seeing the other children and their families all ready for the next stage.

I say all this now but I know myself I am a big sack of emotions and I hate saying good bye, I always say see you next week and pretend its not over.

I am going to be a wreck

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  1. Well, you had me crying as I read this! Such precious memories, time really does fly. It is the start of a new chapter for her (and you!) and I'm sure she will love what is to come. Truly is such a poppet; I love sitting with her at Oasis when I have the chance. I will miss her friendliness and her gentleness - she's a real credit to you xx