Friday, 15 July 2011

A BIG Friday Round Up

Brains all over the place.

Being at home with the ankle meant that I didn't need to do anything which also meant that I wasn't keeping that part of my brain active that keeps those things happening over the next six weeks of my life in that hazy fog where I could glance at what need to be thought about or organised!

So everything feels like it's going a bit to pot at the moment and I ask myself is my lack of concentration and forgetfulness a result of the big dose of anesthetic, premature dementia or just not being strong enough mentally to stay organised and focused?

In other news here is are random pics of the last two weeks.

Returning home from my oldest and dearest friends house last week the baby fell asleep in the car so I decided to take the Ford off road and drive into the country. How nice is this.
Must remember to do some research into legality of walking on private land. It would be so nice to take the girls up away from the traffic.
Was running more than low with fuel actually very lucky to get back home.

This is for sale in California it could hold all my crap. Nicley knackered.


We have a shed now and it has a roof and lives under our back steps.

Truly's last session at the Oasis play group and the children off to big school were given a gift. Let me tell you I was a bit teary but I love the dots on wrapping paper I am so doing this at Christmas along with all the other stuff that needs doing. Priorities!

Two cleaning projects this week.
The pile books and general junk on my side table dresser thing was hazardous.
The fridge still had green icing in it from T's 3rd birthday cake and she is now nearly 5.

 So I am done with P drinking my morning tea and I am just making her a cup of her own. She is still working the most effective way of getting it in her mouth.

 Most of the day she just wants to be helpful at the end of the meal she hands me her plate. She really loves watering the garden so at 19 months old P has her first chore. It's not completed with the precision that I would like and it is easier if T is not in the garden at the same time because everything is RUINED if she or her stuff gets a drop of water on it.

I do worry about the dementia. It feels more of a problem than when you go up the stairs and forget what you went up there for. I don't always remember what year we are in or who our Prime Minister is. I can see his face but can't always name him (I watched everything with the general election by the way). Maybe its because I don't get a chance to see the news all the time or read the paper and it's just a faze and when I am not so focused on mummy things it will all fall back into place again.

Yesterday this beautiful woman who lives locally asked me if I was arty, apparently I look arty. I said I was once but now I am in household logistics.

Sometimes occasionally you forget a name but I bet you anything at Christmas I will remember to put sticky paper dots on my brown paper wrapping.



  1. I could not have found your blog at a better time, my little one is making the transition from nursery to school this year and I'm having kittens there is a lump in my throat that physically hurts. I'm just walking from room to room trying to get my brain started on one of the bajillion jobs that really have to be done. (we are also moving house) My brain has turned to spaghetti and I feel like a nervous wreck. Your blog and a slab of Blackcurrant chocolate brownie makes me smile.
    If you are demented I'm completely shot!
    Thanks for putting some of the head scrambles I'm feeling down into words.x

  2. Felicity

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting, I am not sure how to reply to comments but in this box at the moment so I hope that you see this.

    I can't wait for the school projects or making the pack lunch and so I am focusing on all that happening but it doesn't stop that aching feeling of knowing it's the end of T being really little and did I do enough to make her early years fulfilled.
    I will be bored of the pack lunch thing within a week I am sure.

    I have not moved house in a long time but I love that feeling of waking up in a new home the first few days or moving in but I can imagine it is all very stressful.

    I am very honest and open maybe too much sometimes my language can also be a bit on the fowl side but I am happy you are reading.

    Off to make baked beans for lunch interesting
    have a nice weekend CM

  3. I would be in my element organising those drawers!

    Glad you liked the paper, I love using brown parcel wrap or newspapers for wrapping. Those dots or sticky stars are just so easy, or potato printing is always a good thing! The next one I want to do is to cut stars or spots from used wrapping paper and stick those onto the brown paper.