Monday, 18 July 2011

Last 3 Days Before Summer Starts

So usually what happens around here is I pick 2 or 3 jobs that involve getting tools out and ask G to do them on the weekend. Usually I give him the list late Friday unless I know it will involve a trip to the DIY store then he gets asked on about the Wednesday.

2 or 3 jobs are enough to fit in around the weekly shop and doing an activity or two with the children. I also have to bear in mind that if its a big task then I have all the childcare.

This week I wanted him to dust wipe the wheel barrow and window which is in fact a ferris wheel in our lounge. He built it but it attracts dust which I don't mind but it had really built up.

T calls it the wheel barrow

The other job was to build some shelves for the girls books.
Before you knew it we had a little library under our upstairs stairs and they love it and so do I

They need dressing and sorting and probably more stuff adding from the around the house and I have some nice lights and I could plug in a cd player as there are talking books that they might like to hear.

But we put it up on Sunday afternoon and they can't keep away. Perhaps as everything has been on such a high shelf for such a long time it probably is a real novelty.

Wednesday is the last preschool day so I made a thing for the children so say have a great summer, thanks for being a good friend, good luck in big school etc.

It is a lollipop planter. Spares in the box as I am not sure how many children are in this final week, not many judging by the numbers when I dropped her off this morning.

I thought it turned out all right.

T went to see a Dino display can one girl wear too many ribbons?

This week I am looking around the house for T's drawings as I thought I might pin them up on Wednesday so she can see her progress and I'll make her favourite dinner. Which is basically beige food.
So I will pick up some ballons and some colon cleanse too.


Thank you for your comment Felicity, I posted a reply in the comments section I hope you got it if you are still reading - Have a good week

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