Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Trip Round the Jardin

I finally hung a load out this morning as the weather was bright. The flora looked so lovely I am sure is wasn't past 7:30 so it was quiet too. By the time I got back down with a camera it didn't feel as dewey or I am not good enough to capture it on film or what ever you call digital.

This is going to be my ye olde oak tree one day will probably need a bigger pot. All this I planted myself and its great reward to see it do so well

The weather was so nice I asked G to look after P whilst I walked T to preschool so this could be the last time as I will probably take the car if it rains tomorrow. It was great we played all our usual games - don't tread on the cracks, shout CHOCOLATE CAKE under the viaduct, touch all the letter T's on route, race you to the door and my favourite run! jump! i love you!

Quite a lot of action for the ankle quite surprised I made it home.

Ready for sleep tonight have a funny crampy tummy, think that I have eaten too much raisin and nut mix this week.
Digestion is all over the place.

Better that than the brain which seems focused since Monday


  1. the jardin photos are lovely - what fun T has with you for a mum - thinking of you tomorrow i will know to shout chocolate cake when I am going through the subway to the market

  2. I agree, you certainly seem to know how to give your children a full appreciation of the lovely things in life and how some of the small things others of us may overlook are some of the most precious.