Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Last Day at Preschool - Prior to Pick Up

I bought her three books as a present to say well done you did it you finished!!

 She is animal crazy and likes penguins more than ever at the moment.

Then I dug out some work and pictures that she has done over the past couple of years and there are also some photos so she can see how much she has grown.

I'll get her a balloon
Fish bowl
Park Layout
Pregnant Cats with Wings
Grumpy Aliens

I have taken the sausages out of the freezer ready for dinner and we might make some frozen yogurt too.
I am looking forward to picking her up I am going to have a medative couple of hours before I get her, not really to reflect but to brace myself for six weeks of us, together, no respite!

Getting take away sandwiches for lunch will clear away the toys in the lounge.
Ready for anything

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  1. The Oliver Jeffers book is lovely. Have you read another by him - 'How to catch a star'? It was Arthur's firm favourite for a very long time.