Wednesday, 20 July 2011


So picked her up and it was all pretty fast so I had no time for hysterical tears but I couldn't speak to anyone other then to say thank you or I would have blubbed. I managed a hug though.
Was misty eyed rather.

Either way she came home wolfed her gingerbread man, downed her milk thanked me for the books and is playing with the balloon.
Despite the weather she has ditched her clothes in favour of a vest which is not unusual.

She is completely fine.

I am exhausted!


  1. Hey there
    I got the comment thank you! Glad your last day went so grand, my little ones having a party at hers tomorrow she is so excited and I AM ON THE EDGE!
    Hoping that its goes as well yours and I'm stealing your ideas for the perfect homecoming, even if the babes don't give two monkeys its huge for us.
    Wishing you a magical and peaceful at times holiday!x

  2. what a great new chapter you are about to delve into,so much fun:0)

  3. i also meant to ask,where did you get that cute melamine chicken cup?please do share:0)