Saturday, 23 July 2011

Friday and Saturday

We went for a day out at the Zoo/Playpark on Friday we were meant to go last Friday but were invited to somewhere that I thought we should go to instead. So yesterday we went to Drusilla's.

I love the colours of these so worn out and knackered mini attractions. The duck is a bin in the park the other stuff is en route to the car park.
P was as excited by the bin as she would have been if I had offered her ice cream she kept hugging the filthy thing.

If you look really closely at the left edge of the picture of the wooden dog rocker you will see hands and feet on the grass. Hands above feet, a full 180. That's P hitting the moving roundabout.
Now that's what you call a mama not paying attention

Animal wise, not much could keep my girls from running past the glass. Really there could have been cardboard cut outs they were that interested.

This on the other hand will be the set up we will have if my girls EVER convince me to have rodents as pets. By that I mean mice and hamsters. They had stairs and everything!
You could build different sets for them TV studio, imagine! hamster hairdressers!

If we get the class hamster for the weekend it's going to be in for a mini surprise.

T loves a penguin especially the surfing animated type. These kept her still for all of 30 seconds

I knew that owls weren't small but I didn't realise how big they were. This owl is the same size as I imagine a koala to be. HUGE.

I had a really good day but G struggled still not sure what set us off but pistols were drawn when we got back in the early evening, the white flags came out this afternoon.

I think I am pretty tired by it all and I discreetly lost it with the wicker basket that I bought with F**MH (a follower) on our first trip to the Braderie de Lille its the same basket that I blogged about having wood worm which explains why my foot went through it so easily.
Even so this basket got trapped on the outside of the Lille metro train whilst my body was on the inside and for some reason I couldn't let go of my purchase.
It must have taken a good 15 seconds for the double automated doors to make up its mind whether or not to leave the station and it did this by repeatedly opening and shutting the doors on my fore arm, basket still outside. I looked quizzed.
It was the longest 15 seconds of my life much to the hilarity of my traveling companion who couldn't look at me for hours afterwards without crying.
It was so hot.

Anyway I am laughing as I type that and I was laughing when I threw it in the big bin at the end of the street, it was a big basket.

I am off to have a bath and to think about those poor families in Oslo who must be broken this evening.

Have a nice rest of the weekend CM

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