Saturday, 9 July 2011

I finally made two things this week

I grew something, an edible flower that no one ate just in case I grew the deathly variety.

I made this for a little girl that has played and been very patient with T and it is just to say thank you for the play dates and hanging out. I am bit worried that the beads are weighted incorrectly and it will hang annoyingly if she wears it.
We are off to her house for her younger brothers birthday party hopefully she will like it. I have bought him a helicopter which I think he will prefer.

Other stuff hanging about the house looked liked this. granny chic and sorting drawers where does all the crap come from?

Tidy drawer tidy mind I think more of an empty mind maybe. I put most of the jewellery into the drawer next to it which looks like this so really the job isn't done is it? But all the medicine, play money and bits and bobs went in the bin what joy.


Need better storage solutions for the sparkly bits but nothing that attracts dust as I have a lot of that too

Off to the supermarket and not really in the mood

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