Thursday, 7 July 2011

I love Thursday - I get a lie in on Friday!

I don't sleep in tomorrow its just that until the summer holiday when we will all change routine slightly, I don't do the breakfast run and I am so excited. But we do have to be out by 9am tomorrow so I don't know why I am gushing I will have so much to do from so early tomorrow.

Had a nice day today including clearing out a drawer that really needed attention. I have also made the decision that I need new glasses, the prescription hasn't changed but the coatings on the lenses are scratched that it's becoming foggy and I am sure that the eyes are tired from all the extra work required.

I have been desperate for a while for round frames but they don't sell them anywhere everything is a rectangle

These ladies are my inspiration even if they have a few years on me.

Silvia the Cake Maker. Iris the Weaver. Mimi the Free Spirit.

Maybe you have to be thin and willowy which I am not so I should brace my self for rectangles.
Will go looking next week.

This is a tiny video about a tiny house and a painter called Maud Lewis

Take a peak inside it's another life

Have a nice eve

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