Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Still Warm Tuesday

After mentioning Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros I couldn't help but search and listen to Home a song that they must be bored of singing especially through my computer because yesterday I think I listened to it 100 times and I have been listening to it again this morning. I found a great live version on YouTube. I have the biggest crush on this song.

Here you go

I think they are playing the UK this month and maybe this song will be played too much commercially and it will fade from my happy file.

So the plumber came yesterday and changed things around for us. Dave is now a good friend and I do not know a man who has traveled as far and wide to fish. I mean really, from Lap Land to India. You think that NYC is for sightseeing apperentley you can fish the Hudson as well as land a plane there.

So I emptied the utility cupboard and put it on the dining room table, its a pretty big pile of stuff.

North side view
South side view
All clear and ready for action
It looks good!

That empty shelf now has a collapsable buggy and buggy board on it not to mention a bag of light bulbs and a hoover in front of the washing machine. What am I to do with the high chair, I am planning on using it again someday.
The brooms are still behind the door in the lounge things still need tweaking I am sure the buggy will get stored in the boot of the car.

glorious day and there is a bed linen wash ready for the line
couldn't be happier

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