Monday, 4 July 2011

Monday Finally

Not enjoying the weekends at the moment. Seem to be tired a lot of the time and the heat doesn't help so there isn't the enthusiasm to get up and go but during the week there is no choice but to get on.

End of last week G decided to fix the pipe that feeds the hose outside, plumbing isn't a strong skill for him and what with the bought part missing and other factors like a bad mood the the whole job went south and we have had to call in Dave and Dino the plumbers to rescue the job. A long time ago we thought we would move the washing machine to a utility/dumping cupboard so whilst P took a nap over the weekend I cleared it painted it and G taped down some lino that we have been given and we will get that job done whilst the pipe gets sorted too.

Its really dark, this is it with the light on

Not sure what to do with the meters
Nice Lino

Could do with a second coat but the machine will be there along with dust by the time the year is out and I really wanted to finish AND clear up, brushes, the stool I stood on to paint and the paint tray. Hoover and polish the window.

P has a real thing about sucking the ketchup out the bottle, this is the last time as it's now well out of reach.

OMG! Have you ever had strawberry liquorice, I thought it would be bitter strawberry tasting, it's not it's sweet like those laces that you had as a kid. There must be other health benefits I'm sure.

It appears late last week I got another follower. Oh what joy!! I love to know that someone is looking and reading my mumbles.
So this is for you number 8 I know that you will love it. Its Pokey LaFarge!
Sounds like a sandwich

These are tiny desk concerts, all the artists play at the same venue and are broadcast through NPR music which is an American Independent Radio site. I did know a lot more about it all a while ago but my memory is rather shot at the moment but you could explore more should you want to.
There are performances from Adele and my personal favorite
Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros - Home

If you like music from the 1930's and 1940's and dig the Waltons chances are that you might like this infact the first track is knock out.

Have a groovy day

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  1. Ah! Pokey LaFarge... been meaning to check them out :-)
    Stylish fellas... which reminds me you can follow me back on my own blog! A retro men's style blog didn't-ya-na!

    See you soon Aubs!