Friday, 1 July 2011

End of the Week

I am really chuffed to say that despite being in the house for more than a week since the holiday all the rooms that were tidy are sort of still in the same state and its really nice.

Tonights dinner was a fiddly affair and has been washed up and the floor mopped. I couldn't be happier.

T has had a miserable day and is fast asleep ahead of schedule. I think she is awkward in her mind at the moment she is super cute but she gets herself in a pickle and then usually ends up in trouble. I do tell her if it's something she doesn't understand and it was a silly mistake and try not to go there again but this week there has been a lot of whinging and it's something I can't stand especially when she can't stop herself doing it.

Also, I love cuddling my daughter and take every opportunity to wrap my arms around her, is it fair then for her to understand (when she is being a pain) that I am not going to carry her around B&Q when I will carry her when it suits me (in the lounge telling some tall story about something or of she is hurt or just because I can)
Do you know what I mean?

Any way yesterday we went to a farm and the name escapes me, we went with the children's nurse and her wonderful 6 year old daughter who plays with my 4 year old fantastically

They had lots of stuff to do and I would love one of these huge trampolines, I'd be on it every morning they are massive. Getting in and out the small opening was a bit of a laugh.

And these sheep lambs were beautiful and the colour of them were really appealing on my interior design senses, any one of them stuffed and used as a foot stool in winter made me feel really cosy. Cuppa tea and some knitting. One can dream!

We are visiting friends tomorrow morning and then its getting ready for the plumber coming on Monday, going to move the washing machine into a utility cupboard to make room for a dishwasher that we don't own. My periods of not being able to face washing up are becoming more frequent so I think its time and also I am sure my hands will soon begin to age.

Have a nice eve

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