Thursday, 30 June 2011

Home! Just over a week ago!

Put some new colour on the blog because the old colour reminded me of the rain in early new year and I wanted something with a bit more summer time in it but actually this orange and grey feels more like a German 1950's tin pencil case, you know utility, engineering........labels.
You never know what you are going to get when you start something and have no idea what you want to do.

I noticed I have a new follower, Hello lucky number 7!

So the French Trip we went to a caravan in Frejus after landing in Nice, no problems with flying out but on my return I did convince myself that there was someone with evil on his mind in the departure lounge much to my horror we were seated behind him on the plane so I tried reading his text messages to determine our outcome but was unsuccessful so kissed my children and told them I loved them and hoped for the best.
I was wrong of course he was probably a brain surgeon and am duly sorry but I haven't learn't any lessons and will probably put my system through similar terror on my next adventure.

In the meantime here are some photos

Our hutch for the week
View from the front - I really liked it
Bit of Pink
Deep in thought
Not too many of these eaten surprisingly
It really was this busy
She's grown so much and I love her in sandals
The heat was uncomfortable at times
She was actually rather happy
Constant exploring - NEVER still

So I came back with a bag full of pine cones and a bit of a soap shower gel face cream collection from the supermache.

It was nice to get away despite one trip to the crazy French Dr Sabine de Flores for a sore ear for T.

I quite like a water park that stays open when the theme park next door is on fire and is being doused with water from helicopters. I have never been to one before I did a couple of mild adventures - probably the best way to describe it.

I only lost the temper once when trying to retrieve a screaming child in the middle of the night who had fallen out of bed and I couldn't navigate the cramped space and slim doorways without scrapping the back of an arm or stubbing a toe and screaming the F bomb and cursing the quarters.

It was really hot I don't know how I feel about it all I know that holidays with small children are not relaxing at all and I am grateful for the input from all the family. I wish you could click your fingers and just be there.

I also know that T is really travel sick and needs a paper bag stolen from the plane on any journey more than twenty minutes.

I quite like self catering on a grand scale. I am crap at applying sun block to myself. When will I learn I never wear my contact lenses when I am away so why take a weeks supply of this and other things I don't need

John Roche was also on our Easy Jet Flight home although I didn't think he was the bomber or did I think for one moment that he too had spent a week at the Holiday Green Caravan Park!

More news another time

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