Wednesday, 27 July 2011

A Quick Trip Out

Try to get out every day and trying not to make that outing a trip to the bakers for gingerbread men everyday. Also want to watch the pennies.

Here is what it looked like this morning. Lovely.

What these don't show is the £1:50 for an hour parking, £2.20 for the smallest pot of home made ice cream and the most amazing tumble and scrapped knee from a scooter. 
Which resulted in IronMama carrying one nearly 5 year old on a hip whilst lean-pulling the toddler on the scooter for quite some distance.

I told T that if she kept her knee bent then she would turn into a flamingo.

Whenever T has fallen and banged something I always give her the biggest set of cuddles and love you could possible imagine but has this stopped the stiff upper lip brave gal she could have grown into?
Its a coin toss over which one you want them to become no half measures.

This year I started to tell her that she would have to start finding her own ways to deal with the hurt because if she stumbles at big school the teachers might not be able to do all the stuff that mummy does to make it better. She seems to be on board maybe she deal with it on the day, probably knowing her.

She said thank you for the carry to the car which made me melt a bit

Its cloudy but still warm might try for some gardening this afternoon

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  1. time enough for T to become a big brave girl so keep up with the cuddles. Meanwhile have you thought of having some soothing creme in your bag and maybe some magic plasters that will take the sting out of those sore sore grazes - why not try germolene, after all it is pink! love your blog