Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Huurah! We Can Play!

Play date done.

I decided to make an activity for the girls to do so I printed off the templates that feature in this film and cut some twigs got all the pencils and colours out.

This is a really nice tutorial, don't just think that it is for kids these would look lovely in any neat and tidy home!

The girls looked at the craft set up, lasted the time that it takes to get a pen lid off before running upstairs playing with everything and dressing up squealing.
They couldn't even chew at lunch they were so busy.

But I made one in rather loud colours not something that I would usually favour.

I realised when they were playing that Truly didn't want to get a particular toy down and share maybe I hadn't done enough pre play prep, so I freaked for a minute but actually it all worked out fine.
They took care of themselves because they already know each other well from preschool and I could just stand back and watch what they had learned to do over the past year which was play very nicely together.
G took P swimming which was great because although T did really well I think she probably would have had a melt down with P here.

This was our first play date with a child who's mother I wasn't already friends with and that's why I was nervous. T has been on a couple of play dates with older children so she clearly has taken on board the etiquette.
But I am still going to go off and have a panic attack about it all!

Yesterday I took these photos and I think they are great.

I have friends in the North who are having a new baby soon so I thought I might make a little something so I tried out a tiny toy for small hands.


This is really too small to make without cursing or giving myself an eye headache also the soft white pillowcase that I cut to make the body is too vintage and pulled apart when P put the ear in her mouth and gruesomely tore through it with her teeth.
Back to the drawing board for something more sturdy.

But in the mean time its jacket potato and salad for dinner.
And a peppermint tea to keep away the panic of today


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