Tuesday, 7 June 2011

What to Wear? Watch Iris Apfel.

Today the sun came out and I walked T to preschool. It doesn't get much better than that for me.

Loves this old ballet skirt

Teaching me hop scotch

Strike a pose

It was our first walk together and I loved it, didn't love the walk home so much but I quickly recovered so might attempt it again tomorrow with P and the buggy. I can always phone G if I get into trouble.

So a while ago when watching something I spied a New York lady who was talking about style and  culture and she was adorned in just years of collecting and embroidery and print. She wore the most amazing spectacles, big round frames (I want a pair so badly but everything is still rectangle), and she was just so interesting. There was no information as to who she was so for a while I have been searching the internet looking for anything today I saw a picture of her giving an award to a designer and there was her name. IRIS APFEL.

If you want to see some one talking passionately about how to wear clothes and where style comes from with a wealth of knowledge watch this.

It's like looking into a box of jewels. I think I'll add her to my files of interesting women there is space next to Grace Coddington.

Have a great day, off to hang out the washing and make huevos rancheros for lunch, which I know is technically breakfast but I am running late.


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