Thursday, 9 June 2011

7 Day Challenge

So next week we go on a family holiday, G's family and some other family/inlaws. I am not looking forward to it as I hate leaving home especially when you have to relax and enjoy yourself there is too much pressure on the whole situation and of course there is always the possibility of the plane crashing to the ground in a hundred million pieces

So I have set myself a challenge, the dream getaway, pack by Monday and have a clean house on my return. Usually I pack on the morning, not because I am disorganised but because its the fear of leaving, and the house usually looks like I've fled.
The airline have changed the flight time to unheard of early so there is no other option but to put a plan into place.

So this is what home basically looks like from top to bottom.
It's like I'm showing you my dirty laundry but I am sure follower number 6 will tell you it's healthy to drop the smoke and mirrors!

Spare Bed or The Packing Station
Craft Room or Dumping Zone 1
T and P's Unfinished Bedroom
Recently I have managed to keep a really clean kitchen hall and living room, everyday just repeating the cycle getting further into the house 1 meter at a time but today the whole lot has gone off so there is no other way to tackle it than all at once, like a whirl wind.

7 Days, its a big thing

The ankle will be like a balloon when we leave.

There are other things on the list, like cancel the milk, pick up insurance get new shoes for the girls as they have suddenly grown in the foot.

Will keep you posted

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