Thursday, 9 June 2011

Day One - Pre Holiday - Get It Together

Oh Dear!
Not much creativity happening in here

I am not that much of a speed cleaner
I only managed the one room

This will be nice to work on
Bedding and frames for the girls room
Nice place to sit and some storage
Zimmer is the only outstanding item
All clear so the girls came in for a play
Just woke up - not happy

I've got wood worm which is not surprising the amount of knackered wooden stuff I've got. So the vintage family garden chairs are back in the garden, those and all the basket baskets will have to be treated.

Full of bugs
Where did I put all the junk? I moved it to the bathroom of course!
Show you that later.

We hung out in the garden after and got some more late afternoon sun and picked some fruit from our bushes, they are in the second year

All gone

Early harvest

Just to let you know that if you think that you will be picking fruit from your garden with your children, watching them stuffing their faces and making fruit pies its not really like that.
Last year we harvested 4 raspberries! this year it looks a lot better but you pick a few maybe 4 again then you have to wait a couple of days till more ripen.
Better off in the hedge rows I think, such a shame!

Off to tackle dinner and the kitchen

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