Saturday, 4 June 2011

Saturday Scorcher

It feels this hot today

Popped into town today and bought stuff, lots of stuff.
Thought that I would start early at Boots, 8am, and then do the twice yearly pop into Primark, once to shop and the other later in the week to return half the haul.
Going away on a big family holiday soon, dreading it, and needed some pool side gear so went to pick up some things for me and the girls.

An hour and a half in Boots gets you this

in the pic you will see

Orange box is the same ingredient as Anthesan bug and bite cream and cheaper

Blistex tube has an angled head which makes it great to apply, and its sort of medicated and sorts out dry chapped lips better than anything else on the shelves

Yellow shampoo and conditioner is the stuff I took to the hospital when I had T and reminds me of that time so its a treat once in a while

Ruby and Millie make up, the brand must be folding which is a shame because its such lovely stuff, so its 75% discounted and I think I made a £50 saving how lucky am I!

Dioralyte - miracle for those of us who get dehydrated and sun stroke

Dr. Organics Rose Otto facial serum - bought this in Holland and Barratt - but its amazing and soothing and shifts your wrinkles

Underwater camera is on BOGOF

Estee Lauder SPF Daily Wear! apparently I'll be putting this on top of the Rose Otto I never spend my points so this was a £32 freebie - I'm gonna have skin like a toddler

I also bought some sale clothes, socks, hats and a dress for the girls
It was a bit packed in Primark too many bunions crammed into gladiator sandals with very very bad polish.

Got a taxi back at lunch time, the ankle was screaming GET ME HOME NOW.
It will be near Christmas before I return again, or maybe next week when I realise I have forgotten loads of stuff

Bought Hats
Then spent a bit of time with the girls in their new paddling pool in the garden
Take out tonight I think


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