Friday, 3 June 2011

Funny Thinking Friday

Two things occurred to me this week whilst watching the world go by.

Watching TV

The first is staying at home during the school holidays, is it better to stay or go away?

Now I am a real home bod and anyone who knows me knows that is boarders on agoraphobia but these past couple of months being stuck here with the ankle I have really felt helpless with life passing me by, which is okay for me to get my head around but not for the girls.
I have been talking with a friend with a lovely girl a couple of years older than T and she was saying how her and her husband had divided up the week taking time off work and that they were still around town and filling it with visits, picnics and trips to the dentist etc then today I saw a guy walking his kids presumably home from somewhere and I was thinking he had probably done the same.

If you stay at home and have a couple of days out, it can cost into the hundreds, is that really a good use of time and do you as the parent really get a break or are you just juggling. Don't get me wrong I am well aware that going anywhere with children for more than a day can require the same amount of planning as moving a mountain but when the weather is this lovely and you hear about families traveling further afield for a break I can't help thinking it's better to really get away.

Stuck Doing Something Small and Fiddly

I'm not applying this to the summer or winter holidays because Christmas is so exciting and the summer is so long that it needs to feel lazy but the half terms if you stay at home its can feel like you missed an opportuinity.

Now this theory is all well and good, and I understand you can't just drop responsibilities and go away and I don't know how you cover the cost. Maybe house swapping with another family that lives within a couple of hours drive away, somewhere nice even!
Would anybody want to stay in my house, its a thought that I might explore further with a network of friends. Its a change of scene.

I wasn't really trying to make a point I was just thinking about it.

Being Funny

The other thing I had realised is that next week starts the last few weeks of T at preschool and how devastated I will be at her departure.  The staff have looked after her so well and helped her develop her unique personality I think I might actually vomit before that last day or do really ugly crying when I pick her up from her last session.
With all the sorting of her move to "big school" I just hadn't thought about it.

Just Woke Up - That Hair?

I don't think she is even ready for big school these are photos of her from the past week or so and she is still so small, stocky even! but so not ready, she has no idea about pop music or fashion or any of the other stuff you need to navigate the playground she still likes animals and the thing that is occupying her mind this week is getting in a hot air balloon so she can have some experience of flying.

Flying and animals - shes gonna get crushed out there...........

I know, a whole lazy summer at home, she will be miles a head in her development by September and if she isn't she could probably do with the push she is so clearly going to get.


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