Monday, 13 June 2011

Day Four and Five

The sun seems to be coming out again which is good as I only have one more wash to do before we go away.
I have cancelled the milk I know all the meals I am cooking between now and lift off. I just scrubbed the floors downstairs and they are all clean and shiny. There are no pics of this as the light in the house is rubbish and it is after all only boards painted white.

I think my 7 day challenge might slow as the anxiety of leaving home is beginning to set in and I am feeling sick and faint with worry, why is it that others don't panic at the thought of getting on a plane and enjoying themselves relaxing round a pool? 
I am not scared of flying I just think that it will be the plane that I am on that will go down, then I tend to enjoy the holiday because I think well at least I am off the plane safely.
To be honest if those Icelandic volcanoes went off I'd be really happy at this point.

I have got all the clothes folded and ready to put into cases, just the tail ends of armbands and mascara to find and then I am done. But really I could throw up whilst I type this.
It is at this point of prep that I start to fall apart and G will have to pick up the pieces I think that is why I wanted to be ready on Sunday because now I can only stomach peppermint tea. I will have to go to bed at 7.
I can't wait to come home.
I think I will need to be edged out from the house.

I looked like this when I was little
Cute Feet
I think P can read my mood because we spent most of the morning in this position watching chicken little which meant not thinking about all that had to be done.

If I can tidy my room and the girls room tomorrow then I will have a nice happy home to return to, which I am looking forward to more than the holiday!!
What is wrong with me?

Watched the best F1 race ever yesterday well done Gentle Buttons as he is known in this house.

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