Saturday, 11 June 2011

Day Three - Nothing Today So Far

Picked up dress and top form Jaegar, trying not to buy too much cotton jersey. Both items are silk and were greatly reduced in the sale, but this will most probably be my last purchases for a while.

The blue top seems so flimsy it doesn't feel like it will last long and the black and white will be great for work in the spring, I don't have a job! but will take both away with me a road test them in a caravan park!!


Then we went to buy shoes for the girls came back with six pairs of everything and afterwards bought them strawberry milkshakes. Whilst Gareth ordered they played on the Night Garden ride. They were so good at getting out when a little boy wanted a turn no freaking out at all, which surprised me as I thought P would not let go of Iggle Piggle

Have a nice evening

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