Sunday, 8 May 2011

Sunday Dreaming

Just now whilst waiting for the little ladies to retire for the eve, so I can watch the Grand Prix re run, I did some imaginary shopping on the V&A website.

Look what I bought!

I was looking for something on the website but couldn't find it so stopped via the shop, it's lucky I haven't any real money, I would look ridiculous in all of this!
Well the girls are still awake and it's taken an hour just to load these pics onto this page in no particular order because Blogger formatting is CCCRAAAP, so kettle on and off to bed.

A lovely lunch today with friends, she had a really nice navy and tomato stripe slash neck 3/4 sleeve T, with long cable knit tomato terracotta cardi glowing complexion and denim flares, he had a front tooth missing.
You know, you just don't notice these things when you're having fun.
I wonder if he can whistle to her through it?

T has come down unable to sleep so it's off to sing the holy night song, no tea me thinks.

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