Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Bit Grey Today

Feel a bit funny, a bit knackered. Cleaned out the stationary cupboard here wish I'd taken a before and after photo as it looks really neat now, but never mind.

Who's ever seen a watermelon radish? Well this is it.

Really posh looking salad

Look what you can make with it, the possibilities are endless I am sure. so perfect for perfect weather. I on the other hand made pastry patties for dinner this eve, neither light or elegant. Veggie too so I am not holding out much hope for clean plates this eve. Just moaning!

Its a Bandi!
Since my ankle, T has been playing out various scenarios regarding a damaged limb and has managed to find a bandage I gave her years ago to play with, she's such a squirrel, and has become really good at bandaging anything, she could pass for a professional I am sure, this ankle is out of focus but her face is sweet.

Please excuse my filthy floor.

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