Friday, 6 May 2011

Thoughts for Today

Mexican Puebla Dress
I had hoped to have lost some more weight through the fitness thing that I don't want to think about anymore and make up some dresses for the summer, I have lots of cloth and wanted to make some basic patterns, but time is running out and I suppose I don't want to make anything too technical if my shape is not where I thought it would be.

Rooting around on line I found these Puebla dresses, how lovely are these and they are made for children too, but as yet I can't find a UK stockists and they are a bit pricey.

Mexican Textiles
On the same site I found these prints which are so beautiful but then I like paper cut outs. I'd probably wallpaper everything if any of this came on a roll and cover every headboard if I could get the cloth.

I am feeling much better about being in the house at the moment I have managed to hobble around the garden a bit more and clear some of the winter growth for the girls, paths are swept and and the shrubs are trimmed. We have more of a small secret garden than a practical space for children to play in which has it's pros and cons. The oven top is CLEAN and ALL the washing up was done before bed last night! Its amazing how quickly it can all become undone.

I watched Eat Pray Love last night on iTunes Rental, you can rent films through your apple account and then you have 30 days to watch the film but the minute you press play you have the movie for 48 hours so can watch it as many times within that 48 hours, not sure how many times I'll watch this one.
It doesn't download quicker than I could get to the video store (on crutches) either!

 T is concerned that a cat has lost its collar and have to tell it's mummy that its gone so we are putting it out the front on the railings with a lost notice today and hoping that it will be found.
P on the other hand couldn't give a stuff and is taking it easy in sand pit.

Also, had a physio appt yesterday, might be a full six months before the ankle is back to full strength. I will be able to do all activities in the run up to that time but there is a lot of work to do in the mean while. It was a bit of a shock to see how weak the situation is and how much mobility I have lost and time will tell how much will return.

The xrays that they take DURING the operation are also a bit of an eye opener too!

Physio Amie said the reason that part of my ankle felt strange to touch, apart from the numbness, is that there is a metal plate in so when you touch it, you don't receive a sensory message like you would with the bone, because its now metal  eeeewww!! Shudder!

Finally Friday CM

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  1. Beautiful frocks....

    In other weird and wonderful medical matters, heard the other day Laurence will be having an appendectomy via his belly button...good god we are in The Matrix. Vomit.