Friday, 1 January 2016

Summer Holidays 2015

The end of school and we try and do 'something' every day.
The plan is to know what that 'something' is and do that and not detour, like a mini mission even if that is just a trip to the shop. Still on that no distraction gig.

For instance, the girls asked to do this, we walked there and I didn't look in any shop windows on the way and then we came home. Job Done.

T gets her own room. She is desperate for her own space but then spends the rest of the holiday's in a sleeping rota with her sister. For info that is P's air hole she always has it when wearing her 'sleep onsie'.

They continue to be lovely and I get a cold.
We sort the beds out at Nana's wear practical shoes.

The most glorious show of hydrangea in the front garden.

More trips to the beach and our lovely friends from the IOM come for two weeks and we love it.

We all get colds but I think I look worse. G is fine all through the summer.
By July is his birthday.

T continues to pull off her WHO impression rather well. G gets a Slack Line for his birthday and he and the girls spend lots of time trying to master it. I read on the grass. Best present yet.

The Slack Line has permanent residence in the car boot. It's use in the holidays is endless.

T and P are amazing through the holidays, they play with each other all day, they may fall out for a few minutes but its nothing more and it all makes for a great summer holiday. I am very very lucky


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