Thursday, 31 December 2015

Standen House and Garden

It's Fathers Day!

Lets go to Standen!

Lets see who can spot William Morris

The man behind P looks like he has a 3 month old baby that doesn't sleep at night.
We eat a really good lunch before sprawling on the lawn and watching the Morris Men dance, wrong Morris.

Here we go, lovely.

That is my dream dining room chair and if there are ever stairs  wide enough, a sofa will go underneath, so cosy.

Running along. Pots!

FMH? I think we have overlooked the Chrysanthemum, the granny version, but only in pots not in bunches.
Fern anyone?

There is an upper part to the garden that is breathtaking. For me anyway, probably because it is quiet.

A good day had by all.

Maybe check that the London to Brighton bike ride isn't on when you are going there.
Can be a bit hairy.


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