Sunday, 27 December 2015

NOT Happy With Thompson and Arriving in Lanzarote.

So we head off to Lanzarote the day after the funeral, an amazing funeral, the tears.
All of Gs friends were there, still makes me wobble when I see them standing there for him in my memory.

Turns out cancelling a holiday with Thompson and getting a decent refund is just not possible what ever the circumstances, had it not been the brilliance of the staff in our local branch sorting the best way round the problem with their hands tied, I am not sure what would have happened, 9 months on it would have been fine not to go, so much has happened..... I am not sure G will spend any money with the firm EVER again.

On a separate flight from the one booked we head South.

It has been a while I can't even remember how to upload a photo.....

There is no stress we head to the airport, as per usual we have no time to get lunch and a beer which sends G slightly loopy, maybe we don't account for the time spent parking the car!

We arrive late at night by taxi and there are full plates of salad under cling film waiting for us, we are all fit to drop.

I love all inclusive because I get re enthusiastic for cooking and don't have to clear it away.
Over the course of the week we all eat some of the following delights?

Biggest thrill is baked celery with walnuts and raisins and a red sauce that I pour over everything except breakfast.
I eat everything and loose 3lbs by the time we get home.

On a roll!


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