Saturday, 24 January 2015

Poorly House

Did you get the Flu or a cold this Christmas?
Do you know the difference between the two?
Our grand old NHS explains the difference here

G cooks over Christmas and shortly after the big bird was out the oven he began to feel rubbish, by the time he was done with Downton and a game of Hotel with his brothers he went down with the ship.
He had his first a full on adult fever, chills and tears.
How does anyone do this on their own he asked weakly sipping hot Ribeana and hugging a hot water bottle.
He was out for the count for the next few days.

Then P followed shortly behind.

They both pulled themselves up in time for us to spend New Year here.

When we came back we went with family to see Cirque Alfose and their show TIMBER from which I can gather was a 60th birthday present to their father who now features in the show.
Probably the best thing I have seen in a long time.

The dad is the guy with the grey beard. Well worth a watch if you like beards, vests, girls with braces, axes, wood and French Canadian folklore singing.
Then this beautiful face in the most beautiful dress, thank you New Jersey, started to fall asleep like this.

Girl never sleeps during the day.

Quick onset fever with ferocious chills remedied well with Calpol, bed and a hot water bottle.
Five hours later repeat the whole process.

She had to be rushed home from Paddington wrapped in my heaviest wool war coat.
She was better for the start of school but then exploded in a rash.

We had hoped that she might grow out of these post viral rashes but this one has come at her with full force. Some belated sniffles this week have meant that it has all kicked off again today.
I tried for the first time some topical antihistamine to help with the itching but then a lump on her hand appeared so large that we had to resort to the bottle again.

I have a sinus thing who a nurse at the surgery told me was common to get at my age and would be difficult to shift at my age...........are you kidding me? But I am a selective vegan now?
I do feel like I've been hit on the nose with a miniature rock hammer.

My sister in law, I've never said that out loud before, bought me lots of Kneipp products for secret santa this year so I am off for a bath to proove the nurse wrong.


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