Saturday, 24 January 2015

Cold Enough For Snow

Even though January is drawing to a close, oh where does the time go, there are still these photos rolling around my telephone from Christmas.

These are from a shop window in Lewes I think its called Kings Framers  and the contents from the window is from the sister company Georgeous Things and I will never ignore red and white as a theme at Christmas again.
Charming I think it is called.

We stayed with friends over New Year and the lady of the house and I took a walk in the evening though an estate close to their new home.
When you think Estate you need to think yellow bricks, white windows, NO litter, Audi's and central heating commercials from the 1990's, no drafts and very cosy.

The gardens were immaculate and beautifully decorated with lights. Yes the snowmen were a show stopper and no quite 'in' the Esate. First floor balcony though.

Then out from behind the bushes, in an immaculate clean and tidy garden was the most perfect pine.

It was like walking through 1960's vintage America without a spec of dust or a heart beat. Stunning.

FMH and I spoke once of how rubbish we are in the January sales preferring to buy what we want when we want it rather than a bargain which is never a real bargain just for the sake of it.
I bought my first sale item. Did I need it? Yes I did.

All this Christmas it bothered me that I didn't have napkins for guests and now I have them at £5 per pack and it made me very happy.

I am loving the bright day light but am looking forward to the warm.


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