Thursday, 30 October 2014

Clouds Hill

We are still in Dorset and the campsite is still nice and quiet, mornings are peaceful because we are prepared for our journey's out the evening before with swimmers hanging out to dry, bags packed and filling water bottles the only thing left to do.
Me insisting on being this organised only causes the smallest of huffing on G's part.

Today I think is the Wednesday (it's July) and we are heading to Monkey World but stopping at
Clouds Hill first.

This is the retreat of T.E. Lawrence, otherwise known as Lawrence of Arabia as you can see he doesn't look a thing like Peter O' Toole.

I am determined to get through that film, one day when I can get the family out the house for long enough. I've seen it before, I think.

This is the kind of place and life style my dad would have lived. Awfully thought out and functional.
There is no light as such in the house so the photos are grainy.

Can you see how the rope handrail is housed? 
The front door mat is cut so that the door can swing freely.
Cork tiles, love it. No products or clutter here.

These silver leaf sconces might have made me hyperventilate. 
There is a story to the metal work, is it Morris? I can't remember, the door knocker looks like it.

There is a hike trail but our time was short so we headed off. 
Then something happened that made G's day!

Oh my! is that a real life tank coming our way???

A happy boy scout we had again.


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