Saturday, 2 August 2014

School Costumes.

I am not very qualified to do anything, any work that I do do can terribly wrong really quickly.
Any task can send fear and I am a constant checker which often makes no difference.

Recently I made some real corkers, just this weekend with baking and then all last year with numbers that actually on closer inspection wasn't that bad but it stings to think about.

Did I tell you I work for the Church of England?

I am really good at cleaning and organising but unfortunately at the moment I work with finance.
The good thing about working with money is you can't miss any mistakes, it all works it's way out in the end,  this mantra is praised by the man who checks the books and he tells me that if I know this then, I will never go really wrong.

Anyhow this last school term was one of making things, luckily we have G in the family because, I really need him for stuff like this.
Apart from the cups most of this stuff is what we had at home.

Maths Day - the theme is the Circle.

G cut it all out and P painted it and I think G put on the second coat. P then wore it all morning the wrong way round which drove G insane. Then she wore it to school and all evening and he loved her for it.

Back when I was a college, hot drinks came in crappy cups, and one of the bigger coffee drinkers put one of these together. On this day the idea was used again for Golf Ball Head.

Circus Day

Originally T wanted to be a clown and I made her a romper with two patterns and then she changed her mind to acrobatic, which is just as well because her home sewn all in one really didn't work somewhere everywhere.

Feathers don't always work.

Pom poms work on everything.

Funny little things.

Sports Day.

P is in Preschool and the parents don't go to that one but I have seen P trail blazing with and egg and spoon, which I think she gets from her sister.

Great end of year reports and now we are well into the summer holidays and all is well.


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