Friday, 1 August 2014

Gonna Dump Some Stuff.

Goodbye Elaine Stritch.

I found her solo stuff a few years ago.
So talented, I have been watching everything I can get on YouTube for the last week or so.

Round Frames. How lovely.

New hair for all of us.

Annoyingly unwell for a couple of weeks T has had a chesty cough which means she gets swellings as she heals and P has had a slow tummy that she has been patiently trying to shift.

A good two days concentrating on little bakes.

Finally. They are supposed to last a year then you get the joy of choosing another pair in the sales for the following summer. These were £120 plus reduced to less than 30 and so well made they refused to give up for two summers. Feels like an achievement to buy something and use it till it's no longer fit for purpose.
Dead Sandals. Would have sent them up to Big Nose at FMH but was worried about him digesting the beads.
Found this beauty in a box chucked out for rubbish.

P wanted to face paint me. Anything for my girls. I'd make a great clown. Kept it on all day.
The delivery men were kind not to mention it and purely commented on the weather and the new door bell.

Not all face paint washes off. The green and the red stain for a couple of days as does the pink which sort of goes terracotta.


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