Monday, 31 March 2014

SALE Shoes at Anthropologie.

Pair of lovelies arrived in the post this week.

I think this is called an unwrapping post.
Sure to draw in the crowds.

Now you can by a book from Amazon for 49p with free postage and it arrive the following day following three tracking emails but you will pay £5 delivery from Anthropologie and you will sit patiently and wait for a few days.

So neat and tidy. That's the receipt in the white envelope, still haven't opened it or it might be an invitation.
For those of you wondering if I've lost my New Years Resolution, I haven't, it will just be mid June before I have another £ to spend.

These shoes are by MUS & ROEW made in Barcelona from leather and a slither of wood says the label. More details HERE

I just dreamed of these, then I put them on.

What is that gaping hole? Did some one forget to put a dart in the pattern?

I have learned my lesson, try not to buy shoes online unless its Carvella, cut for the lady with a certain shape foot and income.
I've bought Anthropologie wedges before and the strap isn't generous to slip my fat dancers foot into although a couple of weeks with the kiddos schlepping round the house has fixed that problem.

This gap in the sides would have to do as I had set my Saturday on wearing them and I wasn't going through the trauma of sending them back, I'd just have to flinch my arch when standing still. I'd done pain for fashion in my youth, I could do it again.

I was in them from 09:30 - 19:00

Oh dear!

A couple of days washing with Dr. Bonner has fixed the dye problem.
Let me tell you well done MUS & ROEW these are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.  Perfectly balanced, light as a feather, just stunning. Will probably wear them until I'm REALLY old.

Get a pair!

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  1. Dear Aubrey, Mus&Roew write. Please if you have problem with the blue colorant in your shoes, this is not normal, please send us email with details on