Monday, 17 September 2012

New Shoes

T has to wear brown school shoes and there is only one shop in town that sells them.

For her Reception year the shop sold me a beautiful pair with stars on the bottom.
With four weeks to go in the summer she had pretty much grown out of them but she assured me that it was ok, I didn't need to buy another pair to see the year out.
God bless those Italians and their choice of leathers because these shoes grew with her.

Anyway we went back to get the same pair but they've stopped that style which is really rather annoying because the metal loop that holds the cross strap is located lower than the edge of the leather so there is some protection against 'diggin in' but in the replacement shoe the metal loop is at the end of the leather which has caused some irritation on T's over sized chunky toddler foot shape.

Damn the British and their cost cutting

The pink inner is I feel some consolation in this matter and being 5 means it's all about the pretty.

Can you see the metal loop?
All about the details people.

I on the other hand wear my shoes out from the inside, always have.
A few years ago I bought a pair of leather shoes in one of those discount stores and no matter how much I wore these pumps they always made my fat feet look nearly elegant. They seem to hold their shape better and they looked nicer on the inside than other really cheap pairs I've owned.

So a couple of years ago I bought a leather sandal in the sale with a view to wearing them and no other through the summer and chucking them in the Autumn when they had well and truly had it.
Only buy leather and only own what I need.

I broke my ankle and due to the swelling when the cast was off, the summer was nearly over before I could do the zip at the back up so they became this years sandal instead blah blah...
The leather meant that I couldn't kill them despite what I tried to put them through.
I managed to loose a big chunk of beads at the science fair and finally I thew them away this week!
Mission accomplished, only wore these for weeks and no guilt at putting them in the bin.

I felt a little sad!

So the theory is to buy next years pair in this years sale so at a reduction of over £140 this box arrived in the post.

I also bought a pair of shoes for now and in the Spring.

It is better to try shoes on.
But I HATE shopping and visiting more than one shop especially in the sale so I went online.

It would have saved me making the following mistakes if I had made the effort.
Such a dunce.

The Beaded sandals were CARVELA, love this brand, made for the more mature lady me thinks who wants a bit of comfort over fashion. How amazing that they have them in my size I order a 40, I am a 39? I never got that wrong before.
I am going to wear them with skirts and 3/4 length trousers in Autumn and Spring.
I own neither skirts or 3/4 length trousers of any kind.

They appear a little lower cut than the description on line.
I am going to buy a blue rinse, a grey nylon skirt and a lawn bowls set.

These are next years sandals. If I had trouble getting my foot in last years pair, these are going to take some hiking socks before spring is out.
My mum says they are narrow and I should consider ordering a bigger size. I tell her when did anything ordered one size up get bigger it just gets longer and anyway, I did that already by again ordering a 40.
What is wrong with me?

They are tight but everything I ever ever bought has always managed to work it's way loose and baggy I am sure it will be the same with these and they are Italian so I have faith that it will be fine.

Lets just hope I don't trip over the length and break the other ankle.
Into the cupboard they go until next year.

Got out an old Nina Simone album whilst typing finding it very difficult not to sing or cry or both. Such history with her.


  1. I LOVE the brown shoes, and so much nicer than black ones. I swear by Shoozoo - is that where you got these from? You come out of there with a very empty bank account when buying for three children but they are beautifully made shoes which ALWAYS fit well. I have one child with bunny shaped feet, one with Hobbit feet (minus the hair!) and the other with a mixture of the two! Shoozoo do very well to cater for them in shoes I love! See you tomorrow xx

  2. Love love love looooove the white brogues!! Please wear on Sat so I can lick them. Ll xx

  3. I shall miss the beaded sandals. They remind me how brave you were when you broke your ankle, how 'positive' and hard working you were about getting back on your feet and into those new beautiful impractical pretty things. Well done but don't do it again. You have always enjoyed your shoes and always will - and you are passing the message on to the girls.