Saturday, 22 September 2012

Around About Stuff

We bought these 'Put Put' steam boats at the GDSF.
There was ONE beautifully styled stall filled with tin buckets, gypsy peddlers and twinkle lights (not to mention unwashed hair and long mucky finger nails eeugghh!) in scorching sunshine with all these little boats in water making their way round vintage model light houses etc.

G bought 2 and had the girls names written on them.

G who is for the most part function over style decided an old tin bucket wasn't cutting the mustard, went out and bought plastic guttering and erected a water viaduct.
When P was asleep, T and G spent a chilly two hours in the garden fixing, setting up and watching these boats make their way round the course.

Some one also has new shoes.

and she is ready for dancing

 and shop lifting

Having to check all bags before leaving nice shops that sell lovely things.

There is a chill in the air, I have put the Autumn blanket on the bed and it feels nice.
The cat is not sure why I have shut the bedroom window she still likes to sit on the ledge after midnight and scratches at the rubber bit that holds in the glass until I get up and open it.
Damn cat.

Anyway it is to be wet tomorrow so I harvested most of the dry lavender.

I think I am supposed to remove the heads. I had no time for that today so I have stuffed the lot in a cloth bag and hid it behind the living room door

The house smells a bit medicinal.

I noticed T's ear was a bit red in the week, she said it was fine. Later I thought it was dirty. It appears she had a clash with someones head in the playground.
You should see it now that it has had some arnica cream on it.

The resolution for this academic year is too keep the dining room table clear so that T can do her home work without being bothered by a mountain of crap.

I am keeping it clear but I am up and down those stairs like a yo yo trying to make sure that everything goes away, I supposes that is what must happen if you don't want piles of stuff everywhere?

So as P doesn't have a preschool to go to this year and I don't want to put her into one of the many local nursery's I have decided to home preschool until she is old enough to attend the closest one to us which is joined onto the school that T goes to.

The children there have to be four in the September and she isn't four until the December so will have to wait until 2013 to attend for one year before she starts school proper, although the admissions told me that they might takes her early, next summer depending on child numbers.

Got that?

So I decided to make a 3D nature table where I could focus the learning and I will probably follow the seasons.

Last week we found our tree on a walk, thank you very much Ma Stumbletrip for your sharp eye.
G poured post mix in the pot for me and it is ready to go.
The box holds work that T has from school, thank you FMH and the basket holds what ever toys I select for P, this week it's a Noah's Ark, brightly coloured eggs and threading animal beads.

We've been focusing on pairs and groups of colour.

I baby sat last night! Some of my oldest friends will say "REALLY, you?"
I thought I'd start some Christmas knitting for G, well, I must have cast on 6 times, not happy, at one point I got 20 rows done and then pulled it back.
Got going again but looking at my work this morning I am still not happy and will start again.

Is it the wool or is it me?
I think it's the needles.

P had some trouble sleeping the other night. This is her threading beads on our bed around 11:30 pm.
No great drama all very peaceful until G wanted to get into bed and disrupt the craft.
I joked and said, 'you are stifling her creativity!'
She didn't even look at him and said 'yeah daddy, don't stifle me'

Off to make dinner and get the washing in.



  1. I may adopt the name Ma Stumbletrip - sounds a bit Enid Blyton! Tree looks great - I'm actually rather jealous and I've decided my front room hugely lacks character. Mollie said this morning that she quite liked the sound of the clicking needles and might have to try to knit something again soon. By the way, I think you are a rather marvellous babysitter-thank you lovely lady xxx

  2. Charleston! Charleston! only to be expected in those super shoes And in the knitting photo: is it your thumb/hand or is it mine or is it even my nana's hand the cleverest knitter in the world (or at least in the 1940/50s).