Friday, 27 April 2012

The Oven Broke

Some time last week G showed me what I was ignoring. The elements in my cooker and curled in on themselves like horrid long nails and it was no longer safe to use the oven.

We were investigating replacing the top element but whilst trying to see if the back would come off the cooker we found that the base element was split open to the fire resistant cloth.
And actually two of the gas rings don't burn that well and the dials are all falling off.

Camping cooking from here on, I will only use the hob until we buy another cooker.
Here is a snap shot of the last week

These are the eggs from the cousins, how yellow are they!

So what started as a simple oven task has ended in us looking at sorting the kitchen out as a whole.
G and I rowed about it when I said his intentions were to re fit the whole bloody kitchen unnecessarily when all we needed was cupboard doors and now a new oven.

But that is a post for another day and I can continue the saga and fill you on the bit where I said a self leveling floor was crazy talk.

Let me also say that I WANT A NEW COOKER SOON I am pulling my hair out with this one.

In other news the other day there was a mum at the school gate with a gold lamè umbrella.
Lamè in the rain? I've never seen such a thing.


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