Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Who Knows What Day It Is

Our internet has been down for ages that Mr Branson has been working hard to put it right and finally today someone must have put the right plug in the right socket so for the moment we are up and running.

Last Friday we went to a 'bris'.
Welcome Benjamin Fraser, your grandpa would have thought you the cutest button.
Well I have never been to one before and it was wonderful to sit in the kitchen and listen to grandmothers and aunts talk whilst little one worked his lungs in the other room.
You know what memory I take away, when the men came out of the room the women in the kitchen automatically unwrapped the buffet!
So Jewish.

Mazel tov!

So the weather can go form this

to this

We were soaked to the bone but T insisted on yelling I LOVE RAIN!

Somewhere over the weekend we had a playdate with a great little boy from school and we all went to the park to play with G's new obsession RC - radio controlled - so far it is cars but I suppose it could spread to planes or heaven forbid boats.
We also all, except me managed to tread in dog poo at some point but it was only me who dealt with it on the return home.

I washed my hands before I mixed up a big batch of mince pie mix

On Sunday P and I went to a birthday party and brought home the biggest slice of cake and it was eaten after dinner

Today is Tuesday

I have been feeling great all weekend and there has been light at the end of the tunnel but today I think that the goitre is back up again and my ears feels as though I have blown up a really big balloon.

Early to bed with a book I think


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