Thursday, 10 November 2011

Real House Style

So we went to visit a friend yesterday.

I think I have known her 7 years or so where does the time fly she now has two small children
Can you tell?

I now see her maybe twice a year which is dreadful because she is excellent.

After chatting about all sorts of things we got round to talking about all things evil on the internet and she made a valid point, she pointed out that only people who had bad experiences usually posted stuff on the internet because those who had a good out come were off getting on and enjoying life.
Today that reminded me of something I read somewhere once which was 'don't shop for cheaper options where they don't sell them'

I walked into her home these photos were taken before I saw her and it was warm and wonderful and fantastic music was playing and then we had a cuppa, lovely.

I decided to hoover under the bed this morning and P wanted to help with the dusting

Then we popped to play group.
Pens and pencils are her favourite things.

Today is the day she has decided that she will potty train herself. She has not had a success so far.
G has less patients than I

Went to the vet as well, beautiful vet, who asked if I was Old Mother Hubbard?

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  1. Oh dear, someone should moan to the person who runs that group at church - those pencils desperately need sharpening!