Thursday, 24 November 2011

Children In Need

This post is a bit rambly but at the time there was a lot of prep to this activity so I am writing about it.

So the school that T is at had a cake and second hand toy sale at the school to raise money for
Children In Need.
This was all last Friday I think
They had to wear uniform on the day but they could wear Pudsey Bear ears etc so I sent her in with big cloth ribbons which I thought looked cute.

So I thought that I (super mum) would make these amazing cup cakes with glorious icing.

But actually I made these huge cup cakes because the recipe called for dividing the mix into 16 and I had only a twelve tin. I used Bill Granger cake for a crowed and it is a bit of a dense sponge but actually it didn't really cook through the middle either. But I think kids like that?

For some reason trying to get the icing to stick to the top proved difficult also and their were no smarties in the shop so skittles had to do, kids like these too I am sure

So when I sent her off to school the plate looked like this and you needed two hands to carry it

I am not kidding six cup cakes weighed more than a couple of bricks!
I supplied a napkin with each cake because I am like that.

In the afternoon the parents were invited into the school to help the children choose things from the toy sale T got really excited so I had to tell her what money was because it's really not her radar at all.
She empitied her piggy bank and brought it all down and put it all in this hideous purse.

She needed about a pound and this thing is the size of a hand bag so I put some coins in this little angel that could fit in her pocket.
I had also spoken to the teacher and asked her to keep an eye on things at the break time cake sale

It turns out she bought one chocolate cup cake 80p!! Bloody Hell.

In the afternoon I bought these.
Clearly a mother thought a trip to the patisserie is easier and she was right.

My cakes were no where to be seen I can't decide if they were thrown away for being under done or an absolute hit.

T also tied her first tie.

I swear school is like a marathon for parents.
Now they are learning Christmas songs and so am I


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