Tuesday, 10 March 2015

February and Into March

Can you believe it's the 10th!?

The sun shone today and I met oldest friend for a cup of tea on the edge of town and then she scolded me rightly for wolfing a pack of millionaire shortbread, despite my protests that all the bite size pieces amounted to one mega slice.
Still not good she said.

Then I bought some stuff for a baby shower I am helping with on Thursday and then I watched a couple of you tube videos on how to make an origami match box because I've become obsessed.

But before that happened all of this did.

Because the fringe was getting too much.
It didn't sit to neatly in the morning and the first ever nose bleed was just too cute.

With the colder weather the girls got crafty, these snow scenes were made at Nana's

I needed to make a toy to go with P's World Book Day character and used socks and remnants and T had to get involved with her own thing. I now have a single sock and an abandoned project.
They went as The Tiger Who Came to Tea and Scaredy Mouse who if you know the book is BOLD as A LION MOUSE.

They've become great friends and play together all the time but as I type this I've just had to tell them off for mega inappropriate behavior.
Spitting??? WTF???

The Bunny is on his way.
Is anyone else doing Lent?

I am supposed to be giving up distraction but I think you need a better dose of focus than I have to achieve greatness.
More on that another time.


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