Friday, 13 February 2015

Lets Try Sherbert Sweets!

Bennion with 3n's is a friend of ours.
He used to be an Ice Lord in Dr. Who and had a part in Zed Cars so that gives you a time line.
This year he bought sweets for the girls Christmas presents. A bag each, wrapped in white baking paper with a square of silver foil, probably from a chocolate bar and then tied with string.

Let me tell you when I held them in my lap I nearly cried at how simple the idea was and how
Ballet Shoes Christmas they felt.

One of the bags had fruit sherberts in them.

They tried all flavours, jury is still out.
T received chocolate eclairs and handed them to guests because although she likes them, there are so many in a bag she feels that she won't ever get through them.

Neither of them like Liquorice Allsorts. I've told them it may be some years before that happens.

Anyway, it was a funny five minutes.


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