Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Some Stuff From Around Here Recently

I am quite behind again in uploading posts to here are some photos of bits and bobs.

A walk in Newhaven. There is a ferry that goes to France from here. I might look into that for the Spring whilst it is still running.

I was having a cheeky wee when I took this.

We do Autumn Halloween Bonfire Night and Thanks Giving.
These are two of our decorations, look familiar?

T turned 8 and had a party in the park. We were really lucky with the weather.

We had lunch and set off fireworks in the garden. P looked super cute but she did need to be yelled at occasionally for her own safety.

Their bunk beds are down and together for Christmas.

The decorations are up and there are some cranberries in the freezer. As of today all cards are done and in the post but THAT is about it.

Not panicking at all.


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  1. Ha! Some of these made me laugh, particularly the dolls! Thanks for keeping us entertained with the 2014 blog posts Aubrey - here's to 2015!