Monday, 18 August 2014

Some Stuff and LOOMS

The beginning of the summer holidays were hot and it was a relief when it cooled down, but now it feels a bit Autumnal out there. Talking with my mum today she agreed but also suggested that there might be an Indian Summer later on. I am not sure I can wait that long.
I have never experienced heat like it.
I think I might want it back. I wore long sleeves and a scarf today. It's August.

P had saved her money for something but once round at the shop spent her money one Loom Bands for T, who had brought seven single bands home from school the previous day.
There was love.
It was sweet but over the following days it resulted in this.

It's a craze and there are small rubber bands all over the house.


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  1. Remember friendship bracelets in the early 90's? They were made out of embroidery silks and were so much classier than dayglo plastic! I sound like a real old buzzard now!