Monday, 23 September 2013

Stray Summer Pics 2013

The weekend after the London Zoo we popped down to Bournemouth to see a new baby and a new kitchen. We camped, the girls were not on their best behavior and our beach day had rubbish weather.

Everyone in the tent still asleep except for my bladder.

The new updated iPhoto has taken away the photo dates and I am behind on my cataloging so I am not sure when any of these were taken.

I had a bag repaired in town in this amazingly leather shop. I forgot my ticket and I felt really guilty that they had to search for it, the chap said that having the ticket would have not made a difference. Good thing to remember.

I made a couple of clouds with silver linings and sent this kangaroo off to baby Olive.

The girls are making wrapping paper for their gifts for G's birthday or it might have been fathers day. P carrying all the cards and breakfast things up stairs.
It was the first time she has done it next year she is going to try the milk jug.

Hope those Pj's still fit.
She has turned chunk over the summer.


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