Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Early Summer Hols

A few pics from the first few weeks of the summer break.

I bought these wooden wine glass carriers from the shop around the corner and T fills hers and treats it like a museum. P not so much.

I found this photo in the paper, if you live in the UK you will recognise it as the stage set for CBeebies. Not the sofa. It was in an auction, I don't think reached more than £500.

P made me laugh all summer long except for the bits where I was yelling at her.

Then it was G's birthday.

We went off to buy a new toy for each of the girls to play with, T chose an orange wig to go with a mermaid dress she has and she made P buy a crown to go with the Punzel outfit she has.

T is learning that if the wig looks waist length on the box that doesn't mean it's like that when you put it on you head and it won't look like Ariel's.

P will sleep in that crown.


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