Wednesday, 24 July 2013

The Lavender Fields

We went away for the weekend via Alton.
Over two weekends this July the Lavender Fields open their farm to the public.

Check them out here

WELL! I wasn't going to miss this one, especially as I am unlikey to be anywhere near the
South of France anytime soon and hey, who doesn't love a scented drawer liner in Old English Lavender.

We hired a car as we had the pleasure of an extra passenger, something cool, but still sensible and affordable.
G said sternly don't be fobbed off with anything 'similar'.
They only had an automatic and they only had a FREELANDER.

The mechanic took me round the city busy heaving block of screaming traffic and showed me how to use it insisting it was like driving a golf buggy.

G was very pleased with the car and before you knew it we were here and boy was it hot when you got out.

It appears that all lavender looks woody after a while, it's not just the way I cut it back.
Ken who is long gone from us would say, cut it back into shape when the cooler weather comes and then cut it another inch around the February or in that period of warm weather before the spring.

It was unbelievably hot and we took the shade under the trees around the farm.
T kept moaning at the heat, oblivious that we were all feeling it AND never acknowledging that she was running flat out up and down the bushes.

Family Portraits.
Possibly my most loved photos this year of the girls.
I am always wary when G takes the big camera, because it often ends in me yelling something like, will you put that thing down!
I shake my head as we have a lot of pictures of a CLAAS combine harvester from this trip.
I have decided, before I am forty to accept my hair for what it is.
Most of these photos show ratty dusty shabby hair so that thought is on hold for the moment.

A trip to the gift shop bought a bar of lavender soap. There are plants for sale and I may come back to a variety that looks like it might behave it's self neatly. Tractor rides that take you to a church and a lake which would have been nice with more time and ofcourse you can buy a cream tea.
I think if FMH and I had gone we might have considered these sheep but you would have to buy three and then you couldn't leave the other two behind, too much?

Only here for a couple of hours but will do my best to visit again.
Strange thing though, don't remember smelling any lavender.
Maybe it was the heat.


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