Monday, 10 June 2013

The Week Has Started Off Sick

P has a persistent night cough and boy is it annoying.
We have had these coughs before but this one has me on my knees. All my usual tricks are not working and I'm full of the tired.

She is completely fine during the day but you put her in her Pj's and she starts coughing. In fact she isn't coughing because she has a cough, she is just coughing because it's like a tick that won't stop.

This is us before 3am
I checked the time at 03:40 when I think we finally fell asleep and so did the cough.
I did my usual of waking naturally at 06:17 but couldn't face the shower so fell back asleep till 07:48 when I left her to sleep some more, cancelled her appointments and got T out the door and on her bike to school.

She has been bouncing but now she is curled up on the sofa she is at it again.

I saw these somewhere and they are lovely, can't remember where.

I also finished sewing some things HurraH!
I bought a weighted hula hoop and it is viscous on the hips.
I made a bread yesterday for the first time, apricot and walnut, actually pecan as I had run out. I have visions of making pork cheese and chutney salad sandwiches so who ever comes over next is going to be fed until they just can't take it anymore.
I believe the nurse is coming on Monday so she is for it. The recipes makes two loaves, I made them in cake tins, and says freeze one. I am not good at this whole frozen storage I think it's not the same as fresh, it's like reheated mash, not right, we shall see.

I have something growing on my eye lid that is a bit sore, I think I've been eating too much sugar and as always I need to do something about that.

Happy Mondays

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