Saturday, 30 June 2012

Bits of Stuff

Today I walked round the big block whilst T rode the trike, I felt lifted somewhat. I think it's the weather warm and breezy.

Do you remember this ad for Frys Turkish Delight?

I used to think that the lady in it was the most glamorous I'd seen on colour television, enthralled by her eye makeup.

This is T the other morning with the scarves it's the best scarf dress up yet she is just missing the eye make up and all that sand.

One of the early Dr. Who/Zed Cars cast members lives a few doors down from us and over the years we have become great friends. Earlier in the year he accidentally cut through his red ribbon and I offered to fix it well at least have a go.

I've never had the time with the matched energy required but last night everything was aligned and I sat down to it. Due to the nature of the stringing where AB had cut with the scissors he had well and truly stuffed it and despite pulling it back there was nothing I could do to fix it.

So I thought I'd have a crack at making a new one, at about 11pm

Well my African bead-work skills are limited. Despite these beads being slightly larger that the originals they still don't always fit over the needle which you need to push through the thread as well as the bead.
I miss calculated the amount of beads across, it was late, so I have a square in the center of my ribbon but I think it is ok and I only had cotton perle. It looks like the original uses floss.

It's not bad. Too many knots. It's not great. First attempt ever so I am happy and so is AB which is all that matters but I think we can safely say that I am done with the tiny beads.

The tiny beads in store upstairs which were given to me in Spain when I was about 16 will now be quickly used up in necklaces for the girls and that chapter will close forever and I will never buy anymore!


This morning I was buying supplies when FMH asked if I wanted to come and walk Big Nose as she was down for the weekend, I grabbed my milk and cherries and jumped at the chance.

There is a dog in this photo.

It really was lovely out there and I will continue to look at this pic and remind myself it is good not to lock oneself away.

Out for the Day with G tomorrow, no kids.......................not sure if I will cope...if my hormones kick in he might have trouble getting me in the car.

Will have to see


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